We know first hand the taboo abuse, pain and trauma of family rejection


Is this you? 



💔 Confused about family dynamics (they’re not abusive all the time)

💔 Feeling worthless and alone as a result of family rejection

💔 Suffering from anxiety, depression, guilt and shame

💔Experiencing bullying at work and with other groups

💔 Scared you'll never heal? 


The family scapegoat is the person in a toxic family cult who 'can do no right'.  They are bullied, shamed, ostracised and pathologised by the entire family unit.   

It lasts a lifetime. 

The elders train the siblings to hurt the scapegoat [abuse by proxy] and manipulate a false narrative.  The scapegoat must be left with no allies. 

The pain of this rejection and relational trauma is heartbreaking and debilitating.

It annihilates a person’s identity and self esteem.


The scapegoat develops beliefs such as ‘I’m worthless’, ‘I'm all alone’, ‘I don’t matter’ and ‘other people hate me’. 

It’s very common for the scapegoat to get bullied at every place they work [trauma re-enactment].  

The depth of trauma can make it very challenging for the scapegoat to excel and live their potential due to patterns of self sabotage, anxiety and addictions.  Most scapegoats experience suicidal ideation. 


We can help you. 

Mary Toolan

CEO at Scapegoat Child Recovery Ltd 

As a former family scapegoat helping people heal from this horrific taboo trauma is now my life’s work.

I’ve created a program for individuals and a private membership that delivers proven results.

❤️‍🩹 Over 250 clients served since 2020 

🧑‍🎓Over 250 hours of educational content created & delivered 

🌎 Educating a global online audience of 52,000+

You can heal and transform your life


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"Prior to my six month Scapegoat Child Recovery journey with Mary, I was terrified and alone in my no contact with my family of origin. I had terrible nightmares and severe anxiety.

Today I'm nightmare free. I don't tremble when the doorbell rings. I retired from being an overgiver.  My hypervigilance has softened. Most importantly, I'm able to enjoy my life and give zero fucks about what anyone thinks of me. I'm so excited to wake up every day! It's a 360 transformation!


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"Before I started the programme, I had been in talk therapy for 15 years and had left no stone unturned when it came to healing and personal development. 

Mary’s course felt like the missing piece that helped me step fully into my power and take back my voice.

I wasn’t overwhelmed because the material is in bite size chunks and very practical - it could be fitted around my day to day life.

The community is safe, kind and supportive.