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From bullied child to empowered adult 

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Growing up being bullied by your parents is the most severe form of psychological abuse a human can endure.  


It’s patriarchy’s big taboo ⚠️ 🤫 🤐 🤯

This Online Program is for you if: 

  • Your parents were unable and unwilling to stop hurting you despite all your efforts to 'fix' your family relationships
  • Your parents tell you they love you but you feel anxious and hyper-vigilant around them
  • You desperately want a resolution to the difficult dynamics you experience with your family
  • Other people (including healing professionals) have invalidated your experience leaving you feeling very isolated and wondering if you're the problem (as your family tell you you are). You ask yourself "Am I the crazy one?" 
  • You want to move on with your life and experience peace, freedom and happiness

I’ll guide you through the information and tools you need to release  the debilitating programming you took on, as a result of growing up in a dysfunctional home being raised by wounded adults with abusive behaviours.

Watch my video below 👇 to learn more about this program. 

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 🎉 What People are saying 🎉 

“I will never be the same after your Scapegoat Childhood Recovery Program. This course and your E-book sped up my healing process so much!”


“I'm making my way through the material, and it's phenomenal support in the process of going no contact with my family. I don't know how I would be doing without the course!”


“Since reading your book and taking your online course, my eyes have been truly opened. Your practical plain English and straightforward approach has been brilliant and is changing my life.”


“Mary Toolan has a razor sharp insight into toxic dynamics.  Her course will cut away all the doubt you have been living with and help you to move forward into a better life.”


“Wow, what an amazing course.  So much content and tools given to better understand and heal.” 


“…even as a seasoned therapist, the course enabled me to address aspects of my life that I had not yet addressed/looked at.”

What you get


✅ My tried & tested 8 week Signature online course

✅ 2 x group coaching calls per month (get YOUR specific questions answered by me) (replays always available) 

✅ Access to the safe, supportive, validating, empathic, private & confidential online global community (secret Facebook group) 

✅ Access to an extensive library of teaching classes, Q&A calls, resources, and group coaching calls



Understand all the complex layers of what you endured. Gain valuable insights that will transform your recovery journey.


It’s vital to know you’re not alone in your experience. You’ll have access to my private online community for confidential support.


Release the fear & self sabotage that has been holding you back. Feel the peace & freedom of life without this burden.

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Access the E-Course and all the benefits of the Scapegoat Child Recovery membership today for a monthly fee of GBD£67(no minimum sign up period) 

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  • Walk through the world with clarity and confidence as you now understand the complex dynamics of dysfunctional families (including the toxic mind games) and you have the tools to deal with these
  • People treat you with the respect you deserve because you have healthy boundaries
  • Sleep better at night because you’re no longer stressing over what your family member did or said to you
  • Feel more at peace with yourself and a greater sense of freedom – more time to spend on the things in life that bring you joy
  • Attract more success into your life because you’ve become more assertive in all your personal relationships and you know you’re worthy.
  • Increased happiness levels as you access your creativity and joy

The SCR Online Course 

Delivered over the course of 8 weeks (videos, audios, worksheets)

Here's an outline of what we cover.  ALL aspects of scapegoat child recovery are addressed.  We take a 360 degree approach to healing.  It's laser focused so you achieve results and get answers and solutions.  


Week 1 = HOW to work with the traumatised psyche

Module 1 - The 3 Core Principals & Setting your Intentions

Module 2 - Inner Child work

Module 3 - Inner Child daily practice


Week 2 = Understanding WHY families reject and bully one member 

Module 4 - Understanding Patriarchy & Intergenerational Trauma

Module 5 - Why you were allocated the role of the scapegoat


Week 3 = Working through the impact and brainwashing of being the scapegoat

Module 6 - Introduction to the Core Wounds

Module 7 - The Impact of the Core Wounds

Module 8 - Limiting Beliefs


Week 4 = More in-depth tools for working with the traumatised psyche - now that you understand the basic tools, let’s dive even deeper

Module 9 - Inner Child 2.0

Module 10 - Midway Review & Inner Child Joy


Week 5 = Healthy Boundaries [what they are and how to implement]

Module 11 - Introduction to Healthy Boundaries

Module 12 - Healthy Boundaries Inventory

Module 13 - How to create Healthy Boundaries


Week 6 = Working through anger in a healthy way [a taboo emotion]

Module 14 - Anger (part 1)

Module 15 - Self Acknowledgement

Module 16 - Anger (part 2)


Week 7 = Complex Grief [accepting the losses]

Module 17 - Introduction to Complex Grief

Module 18 - Complex Grief (part 2) - what you're grieving 


Week 8 = Accessing and living from your most empowered self

Module 19 - Accessing your most Empowered Self

Module 20 - Practicing Happiness

Module 21 - Course Aftercare

So glad I found it!

The first 3 modules of the course gave me the courage to confront and finish two bully relationships in my life. It’s astounding, so really need to heal now and keep at the course.

Many many thanks. 


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Access the E-Course and all the benefits of the Scapegoat Child Recovery membership today for a monthly payment of £67 (no minimum sign up period)

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Mary Toolan

Scapegoat Child Recovery Specialist


Mary works with people across the globe to facilitate their recovery from childhood and adulthood parental bullying and family mobbing. 

Her E-book on the subject of dysfunctional families has been downloaded by over 1,000 people worldwide and has received 5-star reviews. 

Her specialist knowledge on this taboo abuse comes from her own lived experience as the family scapegoat and the decades of research and training she’s undertaken to find effective solutions for full complex trauma recovery. 

Her group and individual programs have been described as ‘life-changing’ providing results with ‘warp speed ’.

Course Curriculum

We use the 3 core principals of scapegoat child recovery which are:

- Self-compassion

- Titration

- And ‘all parts are welcome’

We do a lot of work to access, witness and bring compassionate awareness to the traumatised younger self.  This is the key piece of healing. We also cover patriarchy, intergenerational trauma, anger, complex grief and how to access your most empowered self.


Scapegoat Recovery Membership + Program


Billed monthly

  • Immediate access to the life changing online program
  • Twice-monthly group calls with Mary to support your healing & answer your questions
  • Access to the welcoming & supportive private SCR Facebook group
  • Lots more resources, tools and education in the library 
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⭐ Testimonials ⭐

Mary’s work is inspiring

- it gave me the courage to stand in my power and speak my truth.. even louder for the people at the back!

Before I started the programme, I had been in talk therapy for 15 years and had left no stone unturned when it came to healing and personal development.  Mary’s course felt like the missing piece that helped me step fully into my power and take back my voice.

Mary has incredible knowledge about toxic family dynamics, inner child healing and she brings that to life with real life examples. 

I wasn’t overwhelmed because the material is in bite size chunks and very practical - it could be fitted around my day to day life.

The community is safe, kind and supportive.  Mary is super generous with her time and wisdom.  She is full of courage to tell the truth about this very taboo topic.  That energy is very contagious and gave me permission to do the same.

I’m so glad I’ve had the opportunity to work with her in this way.  Thank you so much Mary.  Grateful for your warrior like spirit and generous heart.

Lisa (U.K)

I enjoyed this course so much.

I really appreciated the daily videos of Mary explaining the latest topic and then the very succinct pdf that I could easily understand and take in.

I have had a lot of trauma and get triggered very easily and I found Mary's videos to be very soothing even though the subject matter is the most painful we will face.

The biggest gift I received from this course was finding self compassion for the first time in my life.

Christina R.

I am so grateful I signed onto this course.

It is brilliantly designed and was perfect for me at this point in my life. I received a lot, even as a seasoned therapist, the course enabled me to address aspects of my life that I had not yet addressed/looked at. 

It doesn't matter how much we've done, the course just takes us where we are, so we can move beyond and beyond and beyond.  I have already recommended the course to several people!


Mary Toolan has a razor sharp insight into toxic dynamics.

Her course will cut away all the doubt you have been living with and help you to move forward into a better life. I am extremely grateful and offer to her my whole hearted encouragement.
course participant 

Wow, what an amazing course.

So much content and tools given to better understand and heal. The support through the course was wonderful, thank you so much Mary.  Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to kick start the healing journey.                             A.M

Finally discovering true freedom!

Cathy Postra

I was very happy with the dedication and hard work Mary put into the course. The course was well researched and easy to follow.


Bless you, Mary! You are the silver lining.

Mary Toolan's Scapegoat Child Recovery program is exactly what I needed to guide me through the necessary but tough process of reconnecting with my younger selves, with lots of gentleness, newfound awareness of what I went through and tools to integrate all aspects of what made me who I am today.

It brings out the wiser, grounded adult version of you more pronounced than the easily triggered old self.

At the end of it, I have hopes of having much more control over my responses to outer situations, besides the inner calm that comes after being validated for our personal dark secrets.
course participant

Thank you, Mary for putting this course together on such important work.

I found it helpful to differentiate all the feelings, beliefs, and messages that were pumped in from my family and define them. I especially related to the striving wound. I'm glad I found you online and look forward to more courses and information.
course participant

It was extremely validating 

to have a course instructor for the first time in my life who seems to actually understand what I have gone through. 

Prior to participating in this program I had done years of therapy. None of the therapists I had seen had any insight into the crazy dynamic of my family.

course participant 

Life Changing

This course gave me so many insights and let me grieve the loss of what I thought my family was and let me stand in reality of what is .  I have much more work to do but I can do it being grounded in truth and knowing I am my own safe place.


Loved it so much!

Practical and actionable ways of becoming more creative as a result, all delivered in bite-sized pieces, without feeling overwhelmed! I so loved getting my daily lesson and exercises!!

I have been trying to re-kindle my own creative spark after years of turning my back on it and I have found Mary’s course invaluable.

What I loved most was that the course comes in daily, bite-sized pieces which makes it super-actionable and less overwhelming.

No one really wants to talk/ think/ journal about things that were painful along our journey and having a guide like Mary, who is so knowledgeable and empathetic, and also gives you super-useful tools to deal with ALL of this makes it less daunting.

Even though I have no siblings and I was a bit taken aback by the word “scapegoat” in the title I could totally relate to ALL of the topics in this class. Perfectionism, constant criticism, bullying, being shamed/ mocked for your creativity and your creative endeavours, they all are behaviours that leave deep marks, especially when they are being done by your main caregiver from an early age. And unless we address these wounds consciously we, later on, as adults, take in all of these behaviours, internalize them and then hurt ourselves just like we’ve seen it done to us while growing up. (hello addictions, ocd, gossip, people-pleasing etc). which is tragic, because a life with no creativity is a very sad and lonely place.

The world right now needs more magic in it, more storytellers, performers, believers in all-things-possible, painters, artists, musicians. And by doing inner-child work and learning to BE that parent that supports and cheers our inner child is what can make room in our lives for more creativity, more fun, and more joy.

Thank YOU, Mary! I look forward to see what you’re going to do next!!