We help you heal from a lifetime of parental bullying and full on family rejection.


Mary Toolan founded Scapegoat Child Recovery Ltd to provide effective tools and support to heal from the taboo trauma of decades of emotional violence within the dysfunctional family unit.

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Mary Toolan  

Founder & CEO of Scapegoat Child Recovery Ltd


The Scapegoat Child Recovery (SCR) online program helps people recover and thrive after a lifetime of family bullying and rejection.


Our in-depth understanding of this taboo abuse has enabled us create a unique proven roadmap that specifically targets the root of the pain.  


The life changing results we facilitate for our clients establishes us as world leaders in recovery from family scapegoating abuse.  Our clients come from all over the world and experience healing in record time.

We understand exactly what it’s like to be ostracised from the people who brought you into this world. 

It’s a devastating loss as it compromises our core human survival needs for safety, connection and belonging. 

We know how long it takes to find help that works as well as the setbacks and injury caused from well meaning but ignorant professionals.  A lot of our clients reach us after a 30 year search for answers.  


Mary has served over 150 clients since 2020 and created and delivered over 250 hours of educational videos. 


Our SCR community is filled with kind hearted people who are courageously committed to releasing the layers of trauma and are reaping the benefits of this.   

Mary is regularly invited to present at online summits and guest on podcasts to share her hard earned knowledge and wisdom. 


At Scapegoat Child Recovery we believe that you deserve to feel loveable.


There’s never been a better time in the history of humanity to heal from the role of the family scapegoat. 


With Mary’s expertise and welcoming healing community we’d love to support you too so you can experience relief, peace and freedom. 💕

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"I am totally amazed by the progress, that I am doing working 1:1 with Mary.

As a scapegoat child I have been doing recovery work for three decades now, without really knowing, what the problem was.

I have worked with several psychologists, therapists and coaches, but this is beyond anything, I have ever met"



We restore Truth

We facilitate Transformation & Empowerment

We Lead radical conscious change

We Inspire Visionaries

We have Empathy

We allow Ease


“I have been through all kinds of teachings, schools, psychological maps and what Mary goes through in her book, and also in her YouTube material (and guest appearances on the platform) is, bottom line, the most foundational and illuminating for a person who has been scapegoated. 


The dysfunction in our society is immense, almost nobody is talking about it and Mary nails it on the head. Lots of appreciation, Mary!”

Zapryan Hizhev